Subject: Where is Mas Selamat – An email from PM Badawi to PM Lee

5 Mar

From: Badawi <>
To: Hsien Loong <>
Date: 5 Mar 2008
Subject: RE: Where is Mas Selamat?
Dear Ah Loong,

I refer to your emails sent on 28 Feb, 29 Feb, 1 Mar, 2 Mar, 3 Mar and 4 Mar.

Please la, saya ada election, stop disturbing me. Already I have Anwar sniffing my backside, I don’t need others. I assure you that I have not been sleeping on the job.

I tell you all already that Mas is not in Malaysia. Why you don’t believe me? Check with Hassan la, he will confirm it.

Huh, you want more help? Tak boleh la. My dogs busy finding pirated DVDs, where got time to sniff for Mas. Don worry. If I get my hands on Mas Selamat Sex Tape in Batu Pahat hotel I will alert you ASAP.

Sorry la ah bang. Tell you what. We blame Bambang Yudhoyono. That way you don’t look incompetent and my IDR can fight against batam.

Yours Faithfully,
Pak La

P.s. did I leave my baju at your house the other time?

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