Gopalan Nair out on Bail!

6 Jun

An island wide search for Mas Selamat and decent lawyer for Gopalan Nair is still ongoing. While there is no intelligence to suggest that Mas Selamat has left the island, reports have confirmed that Gopalan Nair’s lawyer lacks the intelligence needed to represent a client.

When asked about the charges brought upon his client, Chia Ti Lik sat down puzzled as he himself was unsure if his client would be canned, hanged, deported or fined. Sources have spotted Gopalan’s lawyer eating curry chicken with rice and a milo while leaving his work undone. Persons close to him informed us that his inability to form a coherent thought these days was due to a splitting headache.

Ti Lik’s former lover has clarified that Ti Lik is currently seeing M Ravi’s psychiatric physician.

Meanwhile, Gopalan may be extradited to Guantanamo Bay to be tried together with KSM (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed).

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