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The Self-Pwnage of ABS

3 Feb

black moon

As an inauspicious moon loomed over this Chinese New Year long weekend, the nation was shocked to its knees when titans of the local blogging community abandoned their flock in their time of crisis and need.

The most devastating resignations came from Events Director XtraLarge and the self-pwned Vice President (Membership), DK (the Diminutive Kok).

The association’s spokesman Wilfrid Wong, its secretary, said both he and its president, Ms Jayne Goh, were ‘determined’ to keep the organisation going. Naturally so, considering the cool backstage passes one can receive while in office. Members have their privileges afterall.

Bloggers unanimously are wishing Ms Goh all the best in her regrouping and recruitment exercise. We all can appreciate how difficult it is to attract the right kind of likeminded, niche, independent, blogging talent.

PS: The people behind ABS should just be honest and state the real reason for their existence: for commercial self interests. Then Im sure the vitriol will end. Give Wendy a call.