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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies …

9 May

…… so close that your lips are almost kissing. A useful adage to bear in mind the next time we have Christian warriors waging a spiritual battle with a coalition of choice loving liberal activists. For the last two weeks we were soberly reminded that Islamic extremism is not the only ice-cream flavour available at the parlour. Thioliban spiritual leader Thio Su Mien Ph.D (Law) (London) (Gifted prophetic intercessionist) (Healer) (Feminist Mentor) (walking Tamiflu pill) brought respectability to the Christian Right wing Movement in Singapore. Her adventures with Josie and her pussycats are catalogued here.


Unfortunately, the main stay ice-cream flavour was restocked from Skudai Johor and a shipment of Mas Selamat Kastari will be making its way back to the fortress that is WRDC. Just like Hotel California, “you can check out anytime you like … but you can never leave”.

Malaysian PM Najib Tun Razak informed that MSK was originally planning to return to Singapore with perhaps a big BANG. Malaysian Home Minister and Inspector-General of Police confirmed that his capture was possible as he was planning something. Singapore claims to have provided the intel leads that led to his recapture and Malaysian Police Intelligence have added that his arrest would not have been possible without the cooperation of Singapore and Indonesian counterparts. So what do we do with him now?

Counter-ideologist expert Muhammad Haniff Hassan stressed that Mas Selamat “remains an ordinary human being who deserves a chance”, despite his track record. I would tent to disagree. Someone who is a career escape artist, Olympic standard swimmer and serial planner of attacks on Singapore, is in my books well beyond rehabilitation. Much like his estranged sister of mayhem – Thio Su Mien.

Will Thio and Co. be to Christianity  as Hambali and MSK was to Jemaah Islamiah? Probably not in the near future, but cross the butt-line too often, and you will find an ass cheek right in your face. But for now, the  will have to be content with page 73 as MSK takes pages 1-5.