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Ask then i tell lah — Reform Party Member Arrested for Terror Charges

30 Sep

Balraj Naidu (fromer Reform Party CEC member, then ordinary member, now ordinary terrorist crook) was arrested last week and awaits possible rendition (oops.. erm.. extradition) to the U.S. for charges of terror financing the LTTE.

But all this comes as a surprise to Reform Party Chairman, Kenneth Jeyaretnam (son of the great JBJ who we celebrate his death anniversary today). His lawyer father will be turning in his grave upon hearing KJ’s ignorance defence.

KJ claims that these purported crimes “occurred back in 2006. It therefore pre-dates the Reform Party and so The Reform Party has no knowledge of the case”. This is either a case of Temasek Succesion Planning ala chip Goodyear or KJ is being less then honest with us. Notice that he was surprised with “US extradition request” and not the charges.

KJ’s statement is also taken from the book of Ris Low, shamed miss Singapore contestant. His next statement could then very well be “:They ask then I tell lah, because actually I don’t find the point of telling…”.

As for Naidu, I have only one advice. Please, pleaseeee do not hire Gopalan Niar as your defence lawyer!

Straits Times

29 September 2009. By Elena Chong.

Former Reform Party committee member Balraj Naidu made a brief court appearance on Tuesday for an extradition hearing which was adjourned until next Monday.

The businessman was arrested at his home last week and brought to court on a warrant of arrest.

He is wanted by the US Government on two terrorism-related charges and brokering an arms deal with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ellam (LTTE) .

No charge has been laid against him.

The request for his extradition was made around the middle of the year.

Family members of Mr Naidu were in court with his lawyer, who declined comment.

Source: Straits Times

Press Statement by the Reform Party

The Reform Party
18A Smith Street Singapore 058932 Tel: 6534 9641

30 September 2009.

This US extradition request came as a complete surprise to me. I have just now spoken to Mr Naidu’s lawyer and understand that the request relates to matters that are alleged to have occurred back in 2006. It therefore pre-dates the Reform Party and so The Reform Party has no knowledge of the case.

Mr Naidu had already stepped down from the CEC before this case came to light although he is still a member of The Party.

Our concern now is for his family and we are in discussions with his lawyer as to how we can best assist them through this difficult time and with finding legal representation in the U.S. should the extradition request proceed. Meanwhile, we note that this is an ongoing judicial process and I understand that it is in the very early stages and therefore any further comment on our part would be pure speculation and maybe prejudicial to him.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam
SG. The Reform Party