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(self) Delusional Denial of Service [DDOS]

22 Jan

Hello all my faithful readers. Thank you for your emails of concern.

For the uninitiated, my site was under a crippling DDOS Attack the likes that no one has ever experienced before. A thorough analysis of network traffic as enabled me to strike off SPH as the main target. Although their grabbing activities were initially suspected of causing my outage,. And then it hit me! I realized that I was targeted along with the other 2 (mine being number 3) socio-political titans in cyberspace.

It all started to become clear. These attacks, first on Unbranded Bread n Butter, then followed by Temasek Review then The Online Citizen (TOC), coincided with the sophisticated attacks on the Google accounts of Chinese Dissidents!

Coincidence? I think not. So sophisticated these attacks were (*yoda voice*), that even the facebook account of TOC was hacked while DDOS-ed their site was! The hackers were warning us of a 9 Dec 2010 attack on all servers!

Freelance Temasek Review and Asian Correspondent writer Ben Bland has been watching the developments closely and will be issuing an investigative report on the sources of these attacks. The revelations will shock you. Teaser: Joint cyber operations between China’s secret cyber police and ISD.

But rest assured my fellow Singaporeans for I will not allow the cyber dogs of the PAP prevent me from reporting the satirical truth. As a gesture of my divine magnanimity, I will offer free advertising space for companies that hire only Singaporeans; i.e. ISD and Mindef.

Till next time…..