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Buat Bodoh, Truly (Southeast) Asia Style

25 Aug

As Singapore entertains international delegates and athletes for the inaugural YOG games, President-waiting-to-retire S R Nathan’s residence at the Istana was the venue for the latest Olympic sport, ‘Kneel and Buat Bodo’ (act stupid/blur/innocent).

Olympic torch bearer Yong Vui Kong, a Sabah boy, was convicted for trafficking 47g of heroin into Singapore from Malaysia. As part of their appeal to the Singapore President, Yong’s lawyer M Ravi, activists from socio-political blog The Online Citizen, Malaysian activists, and 44 Members of Parliament and 15 senators in Malaysia, collected 109 346 signatures in a petition to save Yong’s life and submitted it this morning.

Of the 109 346 signatories, a whopping total of 312 came from Singaporeans. Just like the attendances at YOG events, the number of supporters is not important but rather, the spirit in which they cheer their team.

Alas like the RJC students that waived the PRC flag in the Girls Table Tennis Singles Finals, do they even know which team they are supporting?

We have a lawyer that has an IMH record and was arrested for disrupting religious processions at a Mosque and Temple, a socio-political blog that picks and chooses which death penalty case they want to campaign for, and Malaysian politicians that are neither loyal to their parties or to their claims of compassion and humanity.

A surprise entrant is of course Team Indonesia, which in its battles with Team Malaysia, cannot decide on wherever they are upset over 345 or 117 or 70, Indonesians under death row in Malaysia .

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered his Foreign Minister to confirm the number because he says he did not even know there was any in the first place.

Meanwhile, Yong’s family will continue to kneel while politicians, and activists alike, will continue to Buat Bodoh.

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SUN HO: Haiti’s First Lady?

23 Aug

Barely 2 months after the Criminal Affairs Department of Singapore initiated investigations into Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church (CHC), his wife, Sun Ho has occupied herself with a campaign. Not a campaign to free Kong Hee, but a campaign to be the first Lady of Haiti and to start a CHC church there.

Future First Lady of Haiti with Presisent-hope-to-be Wycleaf Jean

The only Asian singer to be nominated (actually, invited only) for an Emmy, Sun Ho has been dogged by her husbands suspected misappropriation of church funds that have reportedly financed her lavish LA lifestyle.

With the possibility of a jailbird husband and a China Wine glass that draws empty, Sun has aligned herself with Haitian ambassador-at-large, Wyclef Jean.

The defiant Wycleaf, known in Singaporean circles as the irritating wailer in the background of the “We Are The World” music video for Haiti Earthquake survivors, has already had his first bid to run for president rejected by the election committee. However, Sun Ho is confident that Wycleaf’s bid will eventually be accept, as her husband seeks to do the Ming Yi.

Sun is no stranger to the Haitian people as she led a team of CHC doctors and nurses there in her first constituency walk-about session in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes. A potential dent to her popularity was averted as the Young Cubs failed to beat the Haitian National boys team in the YOG semi-final match at the Jalan Besar Stadium last night.

Conspiracy theorists have started to spread rumours that Illyas Lee (sent off for a red card and penalty offense) is a CHC goer.

Lady luck seems to be smiling once again on the house of Sun.