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Dr Joseph Ong Outed by Moderator Kojakbt

26 Aug

Today is Cooling off day for the Presidential Election. Tomorrow we go to the poles once again to pick our favourite puppet figure. ….

…. but holy molly did you read the New Paper today?!!

Dr Ong continues to be involved in Temasek Review, says site moderator
August 26, 2011 – 12:32am
By: Melvin Singh

One of Temasek Review Emeritus’ moderators Mr Richard Wan (above) says Dr Joseph Ong is still involved with the website. TNP PHOTO: Gavin Foo

Dr Joseph Ong, whose website has been hacked and who now believes he is being stalked has another claim to fame – his links to the socio-political website Temasek Review Emeritus.

TNP exposed him as being one of the men behind the site that makes its name hosting and producing anti-establishment articles and forum comments, while its editorial team hides behind a cloak of anonymity.

Dr Ong had maintained that he was once linked to it but no longer has ties to the site.

TNP has new information that points to his continued involvement with the site and also the identities of others linked to it.

The details were confirmed yesterday by one of its moderators, Mr Richard Wan, who said he wanted to “come clean” after all the damage the site has done.

More in The New Paper on Friday (Aug 27).

And but the print edition i did. Damn you Melvin Singh!!!!

So key highlights :

  • Dr Joseph Ong is still a Doctor and locums (substitutes) other doctors when they go on leave (this also means that his pervert could be looking down your wife’s blouse right now as he gives her a chest exam)
  • Kojakbt, the famous writer of emails to government officials and moderator of local forum 3in1 kopitiam, is Richard Wan (there is a very nice photo of Richard in the paper trying to use the ‘force’ to get Joseph Ong to come clean)
  • Richard Wan akak kojakbt, claims that another involved in TRE is Andrew from China (not a single mention of a girl from panama… hmm)
  • Gilbert Goh and a misterious Mr Edmund, met Joseph Ong and Kojakbt to discuss a collaboration between and TRE (really? nothing better to link with?)
  • Singapore Medical Council is not going to do anything with Joseph Ong until someone from the public makes a complaint (sounds like a job for kojakbt ironically…. over to you Mr Wan)
Flip to the next page and you have Tony Tan saying he was outraged by the false allegations that have been used in a smear campaign against his family. He said “these personal attacks and allegations are baseless, they are all lies”
So Uncle Tony, do you have the gumption to follow through and defend your families name? If so, your lawyer letter might not be the only one arriving at Dr Ong’s letter box.
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