TOC: Sorry MACIAM the hardest word

29 Dec

Aiyah no wonder, I finally understand why TOC make this type of bobo mistake and make Prof Cherian George write until 1, 2, 3 pieces to explain to them nicely where they have gone wrong but still TOC don’t accept. Even Ministar Senior conslut K Shanmugam and his kakis Halimah, Baey, Singh, Kumar, Zainal etc all come out to help (or sabo) Ah Seng. This is because TOC commander-in-chief former NMP Siew Kum Hong was away for most of Dec 2011 so he cannot guide his Interim Chief Editor Ravi Philemon.

Siew also say until sibeh carefully he is a core member, but does not do the editing, although he will give his comments when asked…wah this lawyer speak is sibeh confusing. So he mean he got nothing to do with the Seng Han Thong saga?? Or he mean ok lah TOC got a bit wrong but it is not my fault and here I try to explain to you why we are still right…

Indian Senior Conslut and Indian Senior academic say already, u still wanna argue, sure they more right than any Chinese. They say right is consperm right one. My mother say don’t quarrel with Indians, they very good at arguing and debating, white also can say until black. Aiya aiya sorry sorry, this one is racist thought…monotyping races…my bad…

Now Singapore internet with weakened Temasek Review and Yahoo kena sue by former company of current president is become left with TOC as the big boy of alternative news. TOC becometh shining bacon of pro-opposition and anti-pap view, if they don’t start whack Ah Seng then nobody can follow. But whack also must see how lah…this Ah Seng racist remark is so lame and weak that even Joanne Peh don’t want to pay for plain water also more exciting. Then this TOC machar Ravi still put up article to thank readers who support them. Machar, when you whack PAP sure got about hundreds of comments support u one, like GE sure got about 30% will vote oppsition even if they are monkeys in human clothings.You gibe bananas, monkeys will jump.

So like Prof Cherian say, got strong alternative media like TOC is good one, they can check the government. But they also must have high standard and especially when it comes to race issues because it only takes a spark to get the fire going. When you make mistake then come out and say sorry plainly and gracefully, why must twist and turn the words.

When Ah Seng say sorry for his racist remark then if TOC come out to say sorry to Ah Seng for their mistaken reporting then I think this type ending we all learn something. So Siew must guide his machar Ravi more carefully then he can faster become permanent instead of interim chief editor. He almost singled handedly change the whole issue of SMRT operational failure to AH SENG IS A RACIST and I think Senior Conslut and Pinky Loong secretly thanked him for that. Btw, why call him interim when Machar do this job for most of 2011 already??

So now my england also like Ah Seng, Ah Beng, can understand right…mrt spoil simple england like take smrt taxi or walk home also can understand right…haha…

7 Responses to “TOC: Sorry MACIAM the hardest word”

  1. Kate Spade December 30, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    why no one complain Noose is racist…look at how they make fun of thais and indians in their latest episode.

    And the hosts of blog tv and the participants also did not cry wolf. Noose really funny btw.

  2. radiohead January 5, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    Moi is think when you get big enough in your arena then will be a bit hard to say sorry. PAP very very hard then say sorry. TOC is big brother now on internet, also very hard for them to say sorry.

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