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Foreign Talent and Local perseverance in Singapore Sports

31 Jan

Finally, S-League’s deputy chief executive officer, Frenchman Mr Johan Gouttefangeas, has resigned in the best interests of S League and Singapore football, so he claims. I would say this his resignation is in the best interest of FAS and its president and PAP politician Zainudin Nordin before they cause themselves any further embarrassment.


As disclosed by Mr Johan, FAS and S League did their checks and found nothing wrong – if this is true, then the checks conducted must have been a joke, were they using only Google?? Even Etoile FC, the former outfit that Mr Johan led, cited Mr Johan as one of the reasons they quit the S League despite being champions in 2010. When Mr Johan left, Etoile was $100,000 in debt, players’ salaries outstanding, and Etoile did not even pay the full S League security deposit!! The signs were clearly evident the the Frenchman was lying and yet FAS administrators failed to pick it up.

“It was an oversight on my part that I failed to disclose to the FAS the fact that my companies in France were liquidated and that the court in France had imposed on me the prohibition to manage any sole proprietorship, artisanal or commercial. I had subsequently apologised to FAS president Zainudin Nordin,” he added.

If that is not a half-hearted, insincere apology, I don’t know what is. And to date, we have not hear a single ‘sorry’ from S League and FAS for their screws up. Were they looking at the full house at Jalan Besar at Lion XII home game and feeling pleased with themselves and taking local support for granted??

Also revealed today was FAS failure to keep in touch with the prodigal Singapore footballing son, Fandi Ahmad. Hire Fandi not because he is a good footballer, but because he has won the S League with SAFFC and coached Pelita Jaya. In the end, FAS might eventually not hire him, but the least I expect them to do would be to keep our local football talents close. It saddens me to see the current state of Fandi. And after so many failures with foreign football national coaches, I don’t see how we can do worse with a local one.

“To tell you the truth, I was ready to continue then. But they (the FAS) never got back to me. They only did so in March, three months later, and offered excuses like they could not contact me earlier,” he said.

“How do you expect me to react. I told them I was no longer interested.”

The trace of bitterness was inescapable, when he said: “You see, maybe people value my football abilities more across the Causeway rather than in my own Singapore. That’s why I am in Johor now and not in the employment of the FAS. 

“But, I believe there are still some good people in the FAS who are willing to lend a helping hand.”

If you have problem, just import the solution!

Are Singapore Sports administrators over-infatuated with foreign sporting talent? If we do not build out local kids then we are really no difference from Manchester City or Chelsea who spend to buy trophies. After countless table tennis golds and badminton misses, where are we now? Do we feel more patriotic or are we really proud of our Olympic silver?

On the other hand, sailing and bowling have faired well at the international stage with local sporting talent and they have done well by carefully selecting top foreign coaches to nurture our local talent. There is nothing wrong with attracting foreign talent to boost our sporting competencies, but to think that by ‘importing’ a foreign sporting talent, give him/her a pink IC, win a medal and the success would automatically filter down to the next generation is really a fallacy at the Enid Blyton level. What we really need are committed sports administrators (again sailing and bowling administrators althought not perfect come to mind) and good youth level programmes. Start from the basic.

Where is the fighting spirit and the heart?

Ultimately, deep down in our hearts, Singaporeans are looking for the fighting spirit, the pride in donning national colors, the fact that you have given your best, never mind not winning a medal. A team effort, from administrators, to players, volunteers, and fans.

Look at gymnast Lim Heem Wei, 22, who became the first Singaporean to qualify for the gymnastics at the coming 2012 London Olympics. She has been representing Singapore since 2001, in a sport that does not receive much media attention or funding. She has fought a whole host of injuries, struggled with sporting and academic excellence…but she made it, never mind she would be one of the oldest in the olympic field, not likely win a medal…as a Singaporean, I cannot be more proud of her. She has carried herself well, and her country flag even better.

How I wish there are many more Lim Heem Wei in the ranks of our youth waiting to spread their wings…Heem Wei, I salute you!

Dangerously Poking in the Year of the Dragon

26 Jan

It’s been awhile since Singapore has experienced such a sleaze-filled CNY with WP’s Yaw Shin Leong caught doing an illicit Shanmugam tango (takes two u see) while the commissioner of SCDF and chief of CNB kena hauled up by CPIB on suspicion of corruption involving money and women. Apparently they have been boinking the same woman who supplies IT products and services to several government agencies. We are unsure if they have boinking the same woman at the same time (probably not lah (:).

In a TNP article, both Yaw and Hammer declined to comment on the rumours while Angela (who is supposedly pregnant with Yaw’s child) would “neither confirm nor deny”…so I guess that speaks a lot for itself doesn’t it. When first contacted, the Deputy Treasurer of WP said “we have to think carefully about our response.”

Rev Chua Chung Kai of Covenant Evangelical Free Church who is counseling Yaw and his wife also don’t wanna comment. Your game is pretty much over when the pastor declines to utter the whole truth. And apparently, it was the church members who emailed TRE and TNP.

It appears that so many people know but yet everyone is unsure of what to say. How interesting…

Source: Hardwarezone EDMW forum

According to the TRE article, Yaw was known to have several previous transgressions and the WP CEC was aware of it. If so, it doesn’t speak well of WP if they knew and still let Yaw and Angela continue until they finally got into hot soup. It’s one thing if someone in the organization is having extra-marital affairs outside of work, but it’s another thing if people (who are separately married) are having extra-marital affairs within the organization. This screws up the hierarchy and power relations within especially when one of those involved is a senior leader of the party.

It’s pretty unprofessional and it demonstrates that one’s short-term enjoyment and gain can be put aside at the expense of what the party’s goals and mission. Would Hammer Low sit out on this one just as he sat out on the ministerial salary debate? No hammering out of the issues? And let’s not forget that marriage vows are so precious in this crazy, temptations-filled urban city we live in.

CPIB does spring cleaning

Talking about marriage vows, these powerful leaders of SCDF and CNB who have hundreds if not thousands of men and women looking up to them are a real disappointment. Kudos to the CPIB for hauling them up and taking them to task. High pay doesn’t mean no crime so tough laws and enforcement are needed for wankers who abuse public trust placed upon them. While I would apply the doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty”, I hope that CPIB would be thorough and reveal their findings to the public very soon (unlike Kong Hee who become no sight no sound).

But then again, looking at how far investigations have gone and replacements announced, it is very likely that CPIB has a pretty good case against them. Would we finally see who this female IT person is, so charming that she could jeopardize the high-flying careers of such powerful men?? Does she sell gold-plated IT equipment embossed with her curves for powerful men to ornate their desks?? Poor wives and children of all three men who would never return to their simple married lives again!!

And thanks to the folks at premier Mandarin sleaze newspapers Lianhe Wanbao for cheonging out the story during CNY…one wonders how long the govt would take to reveal this to the public if not for the story already out in the press. For once maybe the press is doing its job of bringing the bread, butter and jam to the people.

In this year of dragon, those MIW and their related associates better keep their ass no less than the pristine shade of white, for who can tell of the ramifications of further sleaze and bad behavior. 

Siow ah! Who wants to assassinate PAPies?

19 Jan

If you are reading this and you like to post sexy cutesy pictures of xiao mei mei in hardwarezone forums and follow it up with lewd remarks like “I ish wanna dog$y chiu” or “fap fap” or “so cute, can cim”…then you better stop doing so because you might be charged with inciting violence or sexual assualt. Even though it’s true that you might fantasize about doing wonderful things with that xmm just as we fantasize about how sometimes we want to blow up the faces of PAPies (because they really frustrate us). But you cannot put your fantasies online anymore ok, zheng hu will come after you. Want to do just do it liao, don’t just say say on FB.

Man on trial for posting Facebook entries inciting violence

AsiaOneWednesday, Jan 18, 2012

A man posted content of a violent nature on his Facebook page and on a Facebook fan page.

His postings consisted of a video clip of an assassination, and a photo of a soldier about to execute former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng.

Gary Yue Mun Yew, 36, has denied charges of inciting violence by posting these documents on the Temasek Review’s Facebook fan page, and on his own Facebook page.

On August 9, 2010, Yue allegedly posted the link to a video clip depicting the assassination of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat on the Temasek Review’s Facebook fan page, with the comment: “We should re-enact a live version of this on our own grand-stand during our national’s parade!!!!!!”

He also allegedly posted a digitally manipulated photo showing a Vietnamese soldier holding a gun to the head of former Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng.

Yue said he did the postings out of frustration with work, and in response to online discussions about national issues such as the Mas Selamat escape and pro-foreigner policies.

His lawyers said he had no intention to incite violence, nor was it likely that the postings would incite violence.

The trial is possibly the first of its kind here.

If convicted, Yue faces a jail term of up to five years and/or a fine on each charge.

If we think about it, if this guy had change the soldier picture to Wong Kan Seng and then show WKS going to execute someone, can WKS charge him for defamation, to say that he is trying to portray him as an unfair murderer? I mean WKS is after all out former Home Affairs minister who have kept out street safe and secure from terrorists, druggies, robbers etc….

Another point, we don’t even have bank robberies in Singapore, so how would anyone even try to assassinate PAPies during NDP? They have to get pass the security cordon, get pass the guard of honour, get pass the personal bodyguards, and then get pass the gong gong looking Chief of Defence with his Excalibur that can loop off your head in one swift swope. LOL. Ok, maybe it is one of those personal bodyguards or guard of honour (with their blank bullets), but if these people really want to do it, they won’t be inspired by a video of Sadat’s assassination right? They must have been verbally abused by ministers or ministers’ wives and children and uncles and aunties etc etc…eat sharks’ fins, abalone, pork knuckes in front of them, let them smell but don’t let them eat!! Evil ministers!! ;p

But if anything and everything can do online also quite extreme. If I born in the 90s and a student in boys’ school now, I MIGHT attach my chio teacher’s face on the body of a most AV star and circulate to my classmates via FB. Sure will incite my teacher’s anger but excite my schoolmates. So many of these things online, how to police? But hey, if you’re going to whack a minister on anti-papies website, you better play ball. Many people can stir the pot of shit, just don’t be caught with ladle!!

Let’s just hope the judge can be merciful with this guy, maybe he stress or just incoherent at that time.

Political salary: It’s all a political wayang!

17 Jan

While we were debating about ministerial salary some in the USA were debating about the President Obama’s vacation in Hawaii. Obviously some were angered by Obama’s $4mil vacation tab that would be picked up by taxpayers. Democrat supporters opposed and pointed to former President Bush expensive flights to his holiday ranch in Texas, which was supposedly estimated to be some $20mil taxpayers’ dollars.

This arguing of money spent on politicians, this to-ing and fro-ing between the incumbent and opposition all over the world is a grand circus that is quite enjoyable.

If the business world is about comparing properties bought, branded watches and bags then I guess among the politicians, they compare who has the lowest salary! In case you didn’t know, China’s No1 Hu Jintao has the lowest annual salary of US$10,633…c’mon you bitches ain’t gonna beat that!!

Let’s take a look at the only worthy opposition in parliament: WP is suggesting that MP’s allowance be pegged to the entry grade superscale monthly salary of $11K. The first question that came to my bird brain: is the monthly salary of an entry superscale really $11K? If these fellas only get $132K per year ($11K x 12 months), I think quite a number of them would quit. Realistically, they will be getting 15 to 18 months including variable, leadership and performance bonuses, ranging from $165K to $198K. Is this really very much different from the current MP allowance of $192K? Why take monthly and not the whole year?

WP’s benchmark for ministers of $55K per month and a typical salary of 16 months (12+1(13 month)+3(bonus)=16months), works out to be $880K per year. PAP proposed $1.1m. For all the trouble, you mean the difference between a WP and PAP govt is only 220K? Yes $220K is a lot of money, I would need years to earn that…but wtf lah, don’t waste time and just agree in the middle lor. What’s more intriguing is that both PAP and WP agree on a base salary of $55K per month. Baffling!! Did Pinky Loong and Hammer Low both consult the same temple medium??

Aiyoo…Let the monkeys have their peanuts and let’s move on to orang utans, gorillas and other primates.

In 2007, when the PAP govt raised ministers’ salaries, Pinky pledged that he will donate all his increments for 5 years to charity so that he will have the ‘moral standing’ to defend their high salaries. When asked if the other ministers should follow his example, Pinky said, “It should not be a public ostentatious display of how generous they are, but a private matter for them to decide at their own discretion.” Yesterday, during his lackey speech, this point was brought up again. Scared people don’t know you donate a lot of money is it?

If 5 years ago, Pinky had moral standing, why now he no moral standing to defend his high salary all the way? Now Pinky take a pay cut, does it mean he has higher moral standing? I think SDP has the highest moral standing because they propose the lowest pay! Haha!!

PAP, WP, SDP, NSP all same same but different…want my vote just say lah!

PS. I think the saddest part is $70 dental subsidy and $350 outpatient subsidy for ministers. Want to keng when feeling low also need to pay for own consultation. Haha. They should enact this into the labour law so that all employers would have to provide medical care to their staff.

The difference between MPs and aunties

13 Jan

Anyone who follows Singapore history and politics would know that SMRT was privatised in 2000 to boost its profits and efficiency. The privatisation of SMRT was just one of the many in the long line of state companies that were privatised, SingTel, Power Gen Co, SBS etc. However, the most ingenious stroke on the part of the ruling party was that they no longer had to account for matters within these privatised firms while they continue to exert their influence from behind the scenes through holding companies such as Temasek and GIC. It saved them the budget as well as streamlined the administration.

What I have stated above is nothing new. In fact, it is common knowledge to many Singaporeans who follow current affairs, not to mention civil servants, academics, politicians and so on. So it baffles me to see that our supposedly very talented and immensely well-paid MPs continue to ask questions in parliament regarding what are ‘internal matters’ of SMRT knowing full well that Lui (where the Tuck are Yew) would simply say govt does not have control over SMRT board matters.

And I quote from a TODAY article:

Ms Ng (Irene Ng) also wanted Mr Lui’s assurance that the new SMRT CEO will have the requisite experience in transport management to deliver a public transport system that Singaporeans can rely on. Mr Lui said this issue was best left to the SMRT board of directors, who are searching for a replacement for Ms Saw.

Similarly, Mr Lui said in response to a question from Non-Constituency MP Lina Chiam on whether the incoming CEO will hold multiple portfolios that it was up to the SMRT board to determine the new CEOs job scope.

Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah questioned if Mr Lui was satisfied by the budget that SMRT had set aside for maintenance. Mr Lui responded that ìthe Government does not determine the budget, just the outcomes of the maintenance.  

Moulmein-Kallang GRC MP Denise Phua questioned the timing of Ms Saw’s resignation and whether the move was just a populist decision to placate the public. Shouldn’t the resignation take place after the completion of the public inquiry or ìat least until the next CEO is identified and there is a proper handover, Ms Phua wondered. Mr Lui replied: I know as much as what I have read in the press. Whether she resigns now or why she has resigned, that’s an internal SMRT matter. 

Irene Ng, Denise Phua, Lee Bee Wah and Lina Chiam – what’s the difference between you and the average auntie on the street besides the fact that you are highly paid at the rate of more than $15K/month and is supposed to be well-read and knowledgable so that you will be able to ask questions that benefit Singapore and Singaporeans?? Not much difference I would say.

Taxpayers monies are frivolously spent when compared to such low standard of questioning directed at the Transport Minister on an issue that is of concern to almost all Singaporeans and one of the most fundamental condition of our economy. More tax monies are wasted when the other 70++ MPs have to listen to this banal exchange of questions.

TOC: Oops I did it again…

12 Jan

15 days ago I blogged about how TOC should have high journalistic standards especially when it comes to race and religion as ‘it only takes a spark to get a fire going’. Nothing against the work that TOC is doing, we need them as the alternative voice in Singapore otherwise we won’t get any more Face2Face.

Oh wait, let’s be accurate and say that Prof Cherian George reminded us all to be accurate and avoid sensationalizing. So, does any one expect drastic changes in TOC after 15 days?

Before I start, let me state that I am neither a Catholic nor a gay-hater/sympathizer. I don’t believe in god and gays can shove IT where they want., how they want.

Let’s take a look at this TOC Facebook post. TOC, quoting the new article says the Roman Catholic Pope denounced gay marriage as it threatens the future of humanity.

Source: TOC Facebook Like Page

Let’s see the some of the reactions that followed as a result of this posting:

Conflate the issue by bringing out sex with altar boys…

This one called the Pope a bastard…


…and the most ‘creative’, calling a Pope a ROTWEILER…

Action begets a reaction…out comes the gay persecutor…

Luckily, there was a minority moderate voice who tried very hard to let haters and lovers see that they are two sides of the same coin…

Admittedly, a Facebook post is not a full-fledged news article but TOC’s Facebook page does have almost 50,000 likes and postings can easily attract 100++ comments. Would one argue it’s a private page? Hence, if one were a responsible opinion shaper like TOC, one would take a look at the Pope’s speech and at least verify if he did indeed make such a contentious and inflammatory statement.

The Pope’s speech can be read here:

The Pope (boxed area) said, “Among these, pride of the place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and a woman. This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself.”

He certainly did not denounce gay marriage outright but he did lay forth his view that the family based on a union of a man and woman is the fundamental cell of every society. He also reminded Catholics that they should not support polices that were anti-family. Well, fair enough one would say, he was diplomatic in arguing his views and mobilizing his flock. What do you expect the Roman Catholic Pope to say…”go forth and fornicate with whoever u want”…”gay married couples are well-recognized by St Peter when you enter the gate of heaven”…”governments in the world please start recognizing gay marriages so the world can be a better place”?? You must be insane…he is big brother big of the Roman church for Christ sake (literally).

Last month, TOC made an Everest out of a Bukit Timah, lifted Seng Han Thong’s maciam ‘racist’ comment and spark off a barrage of cry wolf comments. All in all, while nothing too adverse came out of this little episode, one really wonders how high TOC would be willing to fly this kite before they lose control of it.

Unbranded B&B goes kai kai in mainstream media land

9 Jan

Wah if that day one of my readers never FB me, I also don’t know Unbranded B&B was on the newspapers because of my earlier post on Yaw Shin Leong (YSL). Maciam famous liao.

Source: The words very small but Shin Min got print out unbrandedbreadnbutter URL. Maciam famous liao. Kiddin'.

First, I think I better apologise to YSL because he say the views that appear on his blog are not his. They belong to those property agents. So I associate him with those views is wrong although they appeared on his blog. All YSL is trying to do is to give the agents an “organic platform” on his blog for them to “organically brainstorm”, but the recommendations are theirs alone although YSL facilitated the group and put up their suggestions on his blog.

So maybe I was a bit wrong and kan cheong to associate the views that appear on his blog to be his. The views that appear on his blog are not his. Paiseh, gwah salah, I am sorry…maybe got some miscomm… Most important, YSL said consumers’ right to buy/sell their own flat must be upheld and I think it’s great that he agrees with this basic argument.

Maybe because my blog not so big time yet, so I don’t have guest writer experience (yet). So I never need to explain to people why I invite this guy to write an article on my blog but I disagree with him and never say and just let him write on my blog. Btw, what is ‘organic’ platform? Are things that appear on organic platform (which arose from organic brainstorming) more healthy and wholesome than things on “unorganic” platforms? (I just love deep fried and trans fats ;p)

In my earlier post, I argued that property agents should pay a yearly subscription (instead of one-time as suggested by 30+ property agents and not YSL) to CEA otherwise the long-term cost of CEA would be borne by taxpayers. When asked about this by the reporter, YSL replied, “Which regulatory body’s body isn’t borne by taxpayers? Why CEA should be excluded?”

I understand that the budget of govt regulatory bodies should in part be borne by taxpayers as they too enjoy the benefits. But I continue to emphasise that capital/resource/service providers should bear their fair and larger share of a regulatory regime as a result of their economic actions to maximise profits. Builders, contractors, developers pay various yearly taxes to Building and Construction Authority, airlines pay a fee to Civil Aviation Authority, liquor sellers pay yearly licenses, even cars pay road tax yearly so why should property agents be excluded from such a regime?

Earlier I had said that if YSL wanted to help the 30+ agents he facilitated, then he should do it privately perhaps with the Institute of Estate Agent, a professional body of real estate agents. When asked about this by the reporter, YSL replied, “It is a most ironic suggestion, had the spirit of this suggestion being upheld in the first place, we won’t be even discussing this here.”

Maybe YSL thinks that I am being sarcastic by saying I flame him in public and still have the cheek to tell him to take the matter privately. For this I am deeply apologetic. I clarify that I suggested a private negotiation is because 30+ agents is not representative of the thousands of agents out there. And since the agents’ recommendations are anti-consumer and maybe he should have consulted IEA to better address their concerns.

Having said that, if a politician as a public figure campaigns for certain issues on his public blog, then I guess the public should exercise civic duty to support the issue if it justified and alert the others when it is unjustified. I am sure YSL would agree with that as he himself seeks to promote “active citizenry” by “encouraging fellow Singaporeans step forward & to discuss about policy issues.” I just hope I was not too active for him.

YSL: I remember my Ah Beng classmate used to smoke this type of YSL ciggies. He say play snooker put this on table is very sart one. People will respect.

Lui Cock Yew: Sri Dewa barber after the salary cut?

5 Jan

I mean seriously, look at this Lui Cock Yew who just kena $500K pay cut, honestly, do you think he will go to Sri Dewa barber after the pay cut? Sometimes i think he look more adorable with the turban on. Even after the pay cut, ministers’ pay is still a sky high $1.1mil (or more) and Min Lui won’t change his hair style while Tony and Tharman will still buy the same brand of hair oil (or is it head oil?). Does it really make a difference to them? Or to us? But really Mr Brown got it spot on when he said “no one cares about your pay cut if you don’t solve their problems.”

My barber was sacked from Sri Dewa, he runs a grass cutting company now.

Most improved dressing for PAP minister 2011

The review committee can cut and cut but if you still choose call to orchard road flooding as ‘ponding’ then god bless you for the next GE. Pay cuts are frivolous, please solve the real issues like transport, education and social safety nets.

On attracting political talent

You mean with $1.1mil and still got problem attracting talent to join politics? Then could it be our society and education system is so steeped in monetary and materialistic terms that we do not know the meaning of sacrifice or sacrifice has degenerated into a measurement of dollars and cents. So PAP, now you know, 40% cut from the median income of top 1000 earning Singaporeans is not considered a sacrifice. Try harder next time, maybe 50% or 60% cut and better make sure your wife don’t work in Temasek or GLCs!

Looking at how this debate is going, it seems almost everyone in Singapore measures sacrifice in $$$. I am sure if you ask any capable CEO (male/female), sacrifice would mean he cannot go KTV visit his favourite PRC consort, cannot buy $10k single malt whiskey, cannot order Hermes bag for Chinese new year to show off to relatives, cannot order new Porsche model, cannot go casino!!

On setting benchmarks

Currently, the benchmark is 2/3 of the median income of the top 8 earners in six professions. Ministers’ pay was highest in 2008 when it was $2mil and nearly 70% of this benchmark while they took a pay cut of $400k in 2009 when the economy was bad. Let’s give unto Caesar what is due to say that this benchmark has never been breached.

Now with the new proposed benchmark of a 40% cut of the median of the top 100 earning Singaporeans (and all their pensions chopped), PAP ministers will die die make sure they meet this benchmark. Economy good, economy bad, top 1000 earning Singaporeans will still earn good money. So this setting benchmark is really just a political wayang. Why do you think Pinky Loong accept the proposals straight after it was presented to him? Clearly, this ministerial review done by Gerard Ee was in-consultation with Pinky Loong and his cronies all along. A source whispered to me the real person behind this ministerial review committee is actually NTUC chief is John De Payva who has a direct line to the Manpower Minister.

What is finally clear

Finally, henceforth we now know ministers’ salaries is about $1.1mil all inclusive of bonuses, perks, benefits, allowances and no more pensions. To know this figure is like harder than finding your ancestors buried on Bukit Brown. Really, who needs to know how many months of bonus they get? We just need to know how much they get in total before we can propose further cuts.

After GE2011, the Govt has to be more transparent, from the CNB statistical error to HSA flawed DNA testing and SMRT failures, the issues are now put up for public scrutiny. With this transparency, it is easier for the public to decide if ministers should suffer more pay cuts or balik kampong in five years’ time since Pinky Loong likes to talk about report cards during general elections. This is perhaps the best thing out of this ministerial salary review.

More deserving than Grace Fu

At the current rate of $1.1mil, hopefully many more Singaporeans more deserving than Grace Fu come forward to serve as they do not see the sacrifices measured in monetary terms like money face Fu but a true willingness to servant leadership. The question for all Singaporeans is how much is enough to please everyone including taxi drivers? $500K for ministers? I am sure Mah Bow Tan and Wong Kan Seng won’t serve for $500K as minister but I am sure Chen Show Mao will. How many Chen Show Maos we have in Singapore or hidden in HK and USA? Faster, please come out and show yourself now.

Tang San Zang: My sacrifice to go collect scriptures is nothing to speak of. It was harder to convince a monkey, a pig and a mutant brute to go along with me for no salary.