Unbranded B&B goes kai kai in mainstream media land

9 Jan

Wah if that day one of my readers never FB me, I also don’t know Unbranded B&B was on the newspapers because of my earlier post on Yaw Shin Leong (YSL). Maciam famous liao.

Source: yawshinleong.blogspot.com. The words very small but Shin Min got print out unbrandedbreadnbutter URL. Maciam famous liao. Kiddin'.

First, I think I better apologise to YSL because he say the views that appear on his blog are not his. They belong to those property agents. So I associate him with those views is wrong although they appeared on his blog. All YSL is trying to do is to give the agents an “organic platform” on his blog for them to “organically brainstorm”, but the recommendations are theirs alone although YSL facilitated the group and put up their suggestions on his blog.

So maybe I was a bit wrong and kan cheong to associate the views that appear on his blog to be his. The views that appear on his blog are not his. Paiseh, gwah salah, I am sorry…maybe got some miscomm… Most important, YSL said consumers’ right to buy/sell their own flat must be upheld and I think it’s great that he agrees with this basic argument.

Maybe because my blog not so big time yet, so I don’t have guest writer experience (yet). So I never need to explain to people why I invite this guy to write an article on my blog but I disagree with him and never say and just let him write on my blog. Btw, what is ‘organic’ platform? Are things that appear on organic platform (which arose from organic brainstorming) more healthy and wholesome than things on “unorganic” platforms? (I just love deep fried and trans fats ;p)

In my earlier post, I argued that property agents should pay a yearly subscription (instead of one-time as suggested by 30+ property agents and not YSL) to CEA otherwise the long-term cost of CEA would be borne by taxpayers. When asked about this by the reporter, YSL replied, “Which regulatory body’s body isn’t borne by taxpayers? Why CEA should be excluded?”

I understand that the budget of govt regulatory bodies should in part be borne by taxpayers as they too enjoy the benefits. But I continue to emphasise that capital/resource/service providers should bear their fair and larger share of a regulatory regime as a result of their economic actions to maximise profits. Builders, contractors, developers pay various yearly taxes to Building and Construction Authority, airlines pay a fee to Civil Aviation Authority, liquor sellers pay yearly licenses, even cars pay road tax yearly so why should property agents be excluded from such a regime?

Earlier I had said that if YSL wanted to help the 30+ agents he facilitated, then he should do it privately perhaps with the Institute of Estate Agent, a professional body of real estate agents. When asked about this by the reporter, YSL replied, “It is a most ironic suggestion, had the spirit of this suggestion being upheld in the first place, we won’t be even discussing this here.”

Maybe YSL thinks that I am being sarcastic by saying I flame him in public and still have the cheek to tell him to take the matter privately. For this I am deeply apologetic. I clarify that I suggested a private negotiation is because 30+ agents is not representative of the thousands of agents out there. And since the agents’ recommendations are anti-consumer and maybe he should have consulted IEA to better address their concerns.

Having said that, if a politician as a public figure campaigns for certain issues on his public blog, then I guess the public should exercise civic duty to support the issue if it justified and alert the others when it is unjustified. I am sure YSL would agree with that as he himself seeks to promote “active citizenry” by “encouraging fellow Singaporeans step forward & to discuss about policy issues.” I just hope I was not too active for him.

YSL: I remember my Ah Beng classmate used to smoke this type of YSL ciggies. He say play snooker put this on table is very sart one. People will respect.


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