Political salary: It’s all a political wayang!

17 Jan

While we were debating about ministerial salary some in the USA were debating about the President Obama’s vacation in Hawaii. Obviously some were angered by Obama’s $4mil vacation tab that would be picked up by taxpayers. Democrat supporters opposed and pointed to former President Bush expensive flights to his holiday ranch in Texas, which was supposedly estimated to be some $20mil taxpayers’ dollars.

This arguing of money spent on politicians, this to-ing and fro-ing between the incumbent and opposition all over the world is a grand circus that is quite enjoyable.

If the business world is about comparing properties bought, branded watches and bags then I guess among the politicians, they compare who has the lowest salary! In case you didn’t know, China’s No1 Hu Jintao has the lowest annual salary of US$10,633…c’mon you bitches ain’t gonna beat that!!

Let’s take a look at the only worthy opposition in parliament: WP is suggesting that MP’s allowance be pegged to the entry grade superscale monthly salary of $11K. The first question that came to my bird brain: is the monthly salary of an entry superscale really $11K? If these fellas only get $132K per year ($11K x 12 months), I think quite a number of them would quit. Realistically, they will be getting 15 to 18 months including variable, leadership and performance bonuses, ranging from $165K to $198K. Is this really very much different from the current MP allowance of $192K? Why take monthly and not the whole year?

WP’s benchmark for ministers of $55K per month and a typical salary of 16 months (12+1(13 month)+3(bonus)=16months), works out to be $880K per year. PAP proposed $1.1m. For all the trouble, you mean the difference between a WP and PAP govt is only 220K? Yes $220K is a lot of money, I would need years to earn that…but wtf lah, don’t waste time and just agree in the middle lor. What’s more intriguing is that both PAP and WP agree on a base salary of $55K per month. Baffling!! Did Pinky Loong and Hammer Low both consult the same temple medium??

Aiyoo…Let the monkeys have their peanuts and let’s move on to orang utans, gorillas and other primates.

In 2007, when the PAP govt raised ministers’ salaries, Pinky pledged that he will donate all his increments for 5 years to charity so that he will have the ‘moral standing’ to defend their high salaries. When asked if the other ministers should follow his example, Pinky said, “It should not be a public ostentatious display of how generous they are, but a private matter for them to decide at their own discretion.” Yesterday, during his lackey speech, this point was brought up again. Scared people don’t know you donate a lot of money is it?

If 5 years ago, Pinky had moral standing, why now he no moral standing to defend his high salary all the way? Now Pinky take a pay cut, does it mean he has higher moral standing? I think SDP has the highest moral standing because they propose the lowest pay! Haha!!

PAP, WP, SDP, NSP all same same but different…want my vote just say lah!

PS. I think the saddest part is $70 dental subsidy and $350 outpatient subsidy for ministers. Want to keng when feeling low also need to pay for own consultation. Haha. They should enact this into the labour law so that all employers would have to provide medical care to their staff.

3 Responses to “Political salary: It’s all a political wayang!”

  1. leslie low January 18, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    Until the day WP can attract enough Chen Show Maos to join its ranks, we will continue to pay $1mil for our ministers. When WP forms the govt, we pay $700+K. Different formula. Same high salary. Both saying they are more righteous than the other.

    That’s the alternative in Singapore. Go suck on it.

  2. anon January 18, 2012 at 1:14 am #

    Can we just agree on a figure and move on to the real issues?? WP GE2011 manifesto argued for a peg against leaders in developed countries. Now it’s a peg against top civil servants. If govt adjust the salary of top civil servants then we merry-go-round again. Hiazzz…

  3. shino January 18, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    another person who is quite capable is ho kwon ping…maybe someone can ask him why he reluctant to step out? or maybe mohd ismail the prop nex chief? asking papies is just like reading a poor script delivered by very poor actors.

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