Dangerously Poking in the Year of the Dragon

26 Jan

It’s been awhile since Singapore has experienced such a sleaze-filled CNY with WP’s Yaw Shin Leong caught doing an illicit Shanmugam tango (takes two u see) while the commissioner of SCDF and chief of CNB kena hauled up by CPIB on suspicion of corruption involving money and women. Apparently they have been boinking the same woman who supplies IT products and services to several government agencies. We are unsure if they have boinking the same woman at the same time (probably not lah (:).

In a TNP article, both Yaw and Hammer declined to comment on the rumours while Angela (who is supposedly pregnant with Yaw’s child) would “neither confirm nor deny”…so I guess that speaks a lot for itself doesn’t it. When first contacted, the Deputy Treasurer of WP said “we have to think carefully about our response.”

Rev Chua Chung Kai of Covenant Evangelical Free Church who is counseling Yaw and his wife also don’t wanna comment. Your game is pretty much over when the pastor declines to utter the whole truth. And apparently, it was the church members who emailed TRE and TNP.

It appears that so many people know but yet everyone is unsure of what to say. How interesting…

Source: Hardwarezone EDMW forum

According to the TRE article, Yaw was known to have several previous transgressions and the WP CEC was aware of it. If so, it doesn’t speak well of WP if they knew and still let Yaw and Angela continue until they finally got into hot soup. It’s one thing if someone in the organization is having extra-marital affairs outside of work, but it’s another thing if people (who are separately married) are having extra-marital affairs within the organization. This screws up the hierarchy and power relations within especially when one of those involved is a senior leader of the party.

It’s pretty unprofessional and it demonstrates that one’s short-term enjoyment and gain can be put aside at the expense of what the party’s goals and mission. Would Hammer Low sit out on this one just as he sat out on the ministerial salary debate? No hammering out of the issues? And let’s not forget that marriage vows are so precious in this crazy, temptations-filled urban city we live in.

CPIB does spring cleaning

Talking about marriage vows, these powerful leaders of SCDF and CNB who have hundreds if not thousands of men and women looking up to them are a real disappointment. Kudos to the CPIB for hauling them up and taking them to task. High pay doesn’t mean no crime so tough laws and enforcement are needed for wankers who abuse public trust placed upon them. While I would apply the doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty”, I hope that CPIB would be thorough and reveal their findings to the public very soon (unlike Kong Hee who become no sight no sound).

But then again, looking at how far investigations have gone and replacements announced, it is very likely that CPIB has a pretty good case against them. Would we finally see who this female IT person is, so charming that she could jeopardize the high-flying careers of such powerful men?? Does she sell gold-plated IT equipment embossed with her curves for powerful men to ornate their desks?? Poor wives and children of all three men who would never return to their simple married lives again!!

And thanks to the folks at premier Mandarin sleaze newspapers Lianhe Wanbao for cheonging out the story during CNY…one wonders how long the govt would take to reveal this to the public if not for the story already out in the press. For once maybe the press is doing its job of bringing the bread, butter and jam to the people.

In this year of dragon, those MIW and their related associates better keep their ass no less than the pristine shade of white, for who can tell of the ramifications of further sleaze and bad behavior. 


4 Responses to “Dangerously Poking in the Year of the Dragon”

  1. woody January 26, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Don’t think WP would need to clarify as it is an internal matter. It’s best that we leave husband and wife to sort out the issue. Please respect their privacy.

  2. old well January 27, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    teo chee hean fixing the mess left behind by complacent wong kan seng. so anyone getting the axe in hdb or lta?

  3. shawn January 27, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    I think the crucial is YSL is screwing with someone inside the party just as the two civil servants were screwing with the IT vendor…the crucial issue is conflict of interest and unprofessional. Remember a few years ago, a high flying SAF Col was removed because he was married and he was screwing with another married colleague…

  4. brocoli January 28, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    Check out this posting where YSL wrote in his own blog that:

    “Since we are imperfect beings, we must have the courage to admit mistakes. For the courage to admit mistakes, to apologize and to take corrective actions are the hallmarks of personal leadership.”


    This guy is so fake…

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