Cheap Thrills: Free Live Music at the Singapore Arts Festival (19 May)

16 Apr

Claressa Monteiro

Singapore’s leading jazz vocalist. Claressa Monteiro, will perform for FREE on 19 May (10pm) at the Singapore Arts Festival. If you haven’t heard her live, it wouldn’t be salah to say that you’ve been missing out!


Claressa Monteiro and Pastiche present Tourmaline Dreams. The tourmaline is known as the “muse’s stone”, said to stimulate the imagination. The song Tourmaline Dreams, written to honour the muse, anchors the theme of the collection of songs to be performed. These songs have been chosen for their ability to inspire; songs such as The Look of Love, Isn’t She Lovely and Nancy With the Laughing Face.

In 2009, Monteiro was presented with the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore Artistic Excellence award, making her only the second jazz vocalist to be so honoured. That same year and in 2010, she was presented in concert in Dubai at Singapore Encore and at The Singapore Sun Festival respectively. When performing, Monteiro owns the stage. She is well on her way to becoming one of Singapore’s national treasures.


Check out her beautiful rendition of Blue Skies…

Check out her equally beautiful official website:!

Besides singing those wonderful tunes, Claressa is also a DJ on FM99.5 Lush Evenings Monday and Friday 5.00pm-8.00pm. 


Vanessa Fernandez

And if you dig rock music, another renowned local act Vanessa Fernandez will be performing on the same day, same venue immediately after Claressa Monteiro. Two class acts in one night for free!! What more could you ask for?


One of Singapore’s best female vocalists, Vanessa Fernandez takes on the Our Lost Poems theme with a tribute to the lost souls of the 27 Club — singers who died at the tender age of 27 years. You will hear Vanessa reprise songs by Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrisson, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jeff Buckley. All of them famous, vul- nerable and talented virtuosos and singers who exuded poignancy and poetry, their songs bringing out raw emotions and resonating with audiences everywhere.

Fernandez’s sultry and soulful voice is ideal for an acoustic interpretation of these legendary rock standards. Her inimitable grace and warmth will mesmerise the audience.

Check out her beautiful vocals here…raw and live…none of that engineering bullsh*t 

And her soulful rendition of Bleeding Love…makes my hair stand (not much anyway) just listening

There is so much local talent out there, our market is small but our hearts are big! GO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ACTS!! Cuz if u dun, who will…


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