More cheap thrills: Free Live Music at the Singapore Arts Festival (20 May)

19 Apr


Comprising Lin, Isaac, Shane and Alvyn, PennyLane is a group of hopeful romantics with beat-up guitars and broken sticks whose journey began in 2004. Theirs is a meeting place of infectious, solid sounds with strong foundations in old school genres, intertwined with elements of popular music

Made up of hallmates in NUS, listening to them makes me wanna order another beer and think about silly things. Enough said! Check out their website:

And their youtube videos:

This is such a flashback to 1979 when big hair metal was in vogue…this version gets me sentimental

White Noise

The trio, made up of bilingual songwriter and vocalist, Juliet Pang, pianist Didi Mudigdo and bassist Eddie Jansen, transforms jazz and contemporary standards with its brand of dedicated honesty. In response to the festival’s theme, White Noise presents compositions and new arrangements in collaboration with drummer Tan Boon Gee.

I don’t know much about White Noise but Juliet Pang is known for her triple S vocals in the local scene. Sultry, Smooth and Smoky. Sundays just seem better when she’s on the stereo. Check out her rendition of the classic One Fine Day:


Check out her website here 

And did I say she is an accomplished songwriter who already has her own albums and kicked up a little fuss in the local Chinese music scene…who say Singapore no talent? 😛


With just one guitar or two, the Kim + Sarah Acoustic Duo brings together a combination of the male mellow rocker and the girly (and occasionally sultry) sweet country pop princess. You can expect to hear a wide range of genres spanning several eras — from rock to pop, Bryan Adams to Lady Gaga — in simple, stripped-down acoustic sets.

This duo branched out from a NUS band called Sixology and they are now making their own waves in the acoustic scene. If you like effortless vocal with folksy guitar this could be your gig. Check out an original composition of Sixology played in acoustic:

They also do a smacking version of Blower’s Daughter:


Last but not least, read their interview with Fever Avenue here.

So many great acts for free…get your butts out there to support these local bands…cuz if you dun who will…

One Response to “More cheap thrills: Free Live Music at the Singapore Arts Festival (20 May)”

  1. Punksude May 2, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know got such bands in Singapore.

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