Hougang Bye-Election: The sideshow

17 May

This is perhaps one of the most boring local election in my memory. I can’t seem to think of anything much at stake although the printers for election materials should be smiling from ear to ear. WP will win this as Singaporeans continue to want a bit more opposition representation in parliament. WP will continue to milk the romanticism behind Hougang as the last bastion of opposition politics and the sacred kris that will slay PAP, if needed. But, PAP will improve their losing margin.

Both candidates are equally boring and I don’t see how they will add much to the plate that we already have. Png looks sincere certainly but I wonder how much edge he has over the current crop of WP MP and NMPs we have. Desmond is just pathetic with his constant plastic smile and assertions that he is his own man (he reminds me of a body builder, don’t ask me why). I rather see him coming out with all gloves off and hammer away at the Hammer, attacking them on policy and party matters. But he plays the nice guy and underdog, and oh, the ground issues guy, whatever that means…could also mean he has no idea about issues outside of Hougang?

What seems more interesting is actually the sideshow that is going on. A chance presents itself to observe Singaporeans participating in politics.

This is great (pics below), Singaporeans participating and getting creative at it. They are passionate in what they believe, and hopefully they have thought through who or what they are supporting and not just so because it is cool to support opposition. Rigour in thought and valiant in action, this bolds well for Singapore.

Courtesy of TOC FB


Courtesy of TOC FB

This is pretty antiquated (pic below). When I looked at it, I cringed, like we haven’t progressed from the immaturity of 80s and 90s. And even the dressing of this person is rather old skool compared to the youths proudly parading their wares. This guy is either very allergic to the sun or very shy.

For those who can pronounce but don’t read Malay, PAPA ANAK PARTY means father-son party. It was fashionable back when Junior Lee first became PM, but I think he has his merits although I won’t say he is completely without his father’s shadow. Anyway, it’s a moot point and let’s just look at the results, the policies, the communication process between state and citizens. Let’s also go easy on the anti-foreigner tirade and really looks at the fundamental issues affecting the economy and allocation of resources.

Courtesy of TOC FB

And I still hear BOOO boys (and girls) when Desmond was making his nomination speech. I still can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, we jeer at our opponents during football matches but somehow I think booing when someone is trying to make a speech can be rather distracting and disrespectful. Not that Desmond particularly deserves respect, but because we should respect civility.

Last and definitely not least, is Yam Ah Mee, the Returning Officer and Chief Exec of People’s Association. I am constantly baffled as to why Singaporeans are so enamoured by his robotic delivery and cute accent. Here is the fella who ran LTA from 2005-2010 when the transport system and policies continue to deteriorate from massive immigration and the strain on the system was apparent. He went through the motion for 5 years and did not have the adequate foresight to see trouble brewing on the horizons despite being paid a salary that was supposed to reward astronomical talent. He agreed with his political bosses and did not bother to rebut them. Perhaps he thought he should just listen to them since they are paid higher; this country has a bad habit of rich is right. No talent was apparent in his case. Now Yam is a revelation to Singaporeans whenever elections come and this frivolity makes me pity us.

Courtesy of Yahoo FB

P.S. Regrettably, Dr Chee could not contest in this bye-election. I can only imagine the fun we would have if Dr Chee (in) Bye Election.  🙂


5 Responses to “Hougang Bye-Election: The sideshow”

  1. former staff May 17, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    Yam Ah Mee…what a waste of time…he was famous for talking to himself and laughing to himself during meetings in LTA last time. Whole day only know how to talk and dunno what he doing. Cannot control the directors in LTA. Like to employ his own friends when they cannot make it. This type also can become senior civil servant.

  2. Anonymous May 17, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Formerstaff, are u sure? People in PA think that he is better than the last CEO as he is more sporting and can motivate the ground.

    • Din May 17, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

      LTA mission is so different from PA. PA is all about recreation and fun..very very light weight.. of course, he is the Chief Entertainment Officer lah.


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