Rushing somewhere?

18 May

One by one all our politicians come out to express condolences and offer their help to the deceased taxi driver that had tragically died after being side whacked by a Ferrari driven by a uber-rich PRC. This is good by the way, don’t get me wrong, the family need all the help they can get.

Just that there are many of such incidents out there I wonder if politicians are going to do this personally long term or sub-contract it out to someone else? Expressing condolences to every single tragic traffic accident death can take up a certain amount of time? Which one do u send condolences and which one you don’t? 😛

Alright, I am being an ass. We all know why they all appear suddenly. Lap it up. Hehe.

This was an equally tragic accident where a drunk Indian foreign labourer was recently sentenced for crashing his lorry into the sidewalk and killed another Indian labourer who was just there (yeah life’s tough huh). He wasn’t even driving, he was walking or sitting at the sidewalk. Didn’t see anyone much express their condolences for this chap. Didn’t see any Singaporeans condemn this vehemently like the Ferrari incident.

I also managed to find some statistics wrt to speeding.  In 2006, 45,096 summonses were issued for speeding as compared to 56,183 summonses in 2007 (read here). In 2011, there were 225,550 speeding violations – a 10 per cent increase from the year before, according to the Traffic Police (read here). The increase is just mind blowing, a more than four fold increase in 5 years. My goodness, I am sure Singaporeans were not rushing home to make babies and that’s a fact.

So if u love this country, drive safely and make more babies. We need everyone of you cuz’ they ain’t making producing much more of us.



4 Responses to “Rushing somewhere?”

  1. thevoiddeck May 21, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Impose speeding fine based on income, do it like the Swiss!

  2. xiao ming May 21, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    According to the spf website you listed:

    Speeding remained one of the key causes of accidents in 2007. In a bid to curb such speed-related accidents, overall enforcement efforts against speeding have been stepped up. In 2007, there was a significant increase of 11,087 summonses issued for speeding offences, a 24.6% increase as compared to 2006. In 2006, 45,096 summonses were issued for speeding as compared to 56,183 summonses in 2007.

    But in the newspapers on Saturday 19 May, it is stated there were 158,800 speeding violations detected. Who is right or everybody is wrong?

  3. KAM May 21, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Ferrari. PRC. Rich investor. All the keywords which rang the MP’s bells….


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