Traffic Cops: Pulling the rabbit out of the hat

23 May

I didn’t know our traffic cops have a special talent that enables them to part-time as magician. No wonder we see less of them little white ants on expressway as goods vehicles speed down dangerously in the middle lane while drivers in powerful and/or souped up cars tear down the roads and tailgate dangerously. Or cops might be practicing their disappearing magic act in some ulu carpark?

Every night, even after 10pm, I would hear loud screeching exhaust from cars and bikes, it seems like they are not even enforcing like they used to. Are taxpayers paying them just to stand on top of overhead bridges and do the pussy enforcing with camera in hand? If you ask me, our road etiquette are worse than ever before with dangerous driving habits and bad tempers often flaring. Very territorial, like dogs fighting over bitches. And the traffic cops are not stamping their authority to halt this trend.

I don’t wanna say that Ma Chi would have been caught speeding by the cops before he killed the taxi driver and his passenger, but I am pretty sure this ain’t the first time he was speeding in the city area with that red horse of his. He must have done 120km/h before deciding to do 180km/h.

Pulling the rabbit out of bag

It was reported on 15th May that speeding violations were up by 10% in 2011. This was a routine question posed in the parliament to DPM Teo.




But as the online anger wages on against Ma Chi and his irresponsible act, we find the traffic police pulling their rabbit out of the hat. VIOLA! On 17th May, it was reported that speeding violations drop in the first quarter of 2012! And that cops are RELENTLESS in anti-speeding operations! I really do wonder if the cops volunteered this information to the press or did someone higher up instructed that they do this and get the press to cover it.



This volunteering of information is even more amazing (it maddens me actually) when the public can see that cops have been slow in sharing critical information with the public. Looking at their website, the latest annual statistics there are dated 2010. We are in May 2012 and they don’t even have the 2011 annual statistics ready on their website. Yet, when Ma Chi crashed his car, they can pull out the statistics for 1st Q 2012 almost immediately!! Indeed, foreign talent can make us more productive!!    

And the saddest part somewhat is that none of our politicians care to bring out these bread and butter issues during the GE 2011 and ByE 2012.  Rather than smearing one another, what is needed is serious debate and discussions of concrete steps as to how we can make this country better; share more information, and with information then more knowledge creation and possibly solutions to our problems. And yet, it seems we prefer to talk about airy stuff like ‘slap the driver’, ‘i am my own man’, ‘ncmp ballot’ and other equally frivolous stuff. How immature.

A discrepancy or interpretation of data? 

On the police website, it was reported that there were 56,183 speeding summons issued in 2007. But data published over last weekend in the Straits Times (again cops were very eager to share information), it was reported that there were 158,800 speeding violations detected in 2007. So where did the difference of 100,000 go??

One explanation is that although there are 158,800 cases of speeding detected, only 56,183 summons were issued and the rest were given warnings. But, if 2/3 of the detected cases are let off as warning then I really wonder what is the point of enforcement? Was Ma Chi among those 2/3? How many warnings can a driver have before being issued a summon?


And I won’t be entirely surprised if the cops come back and tell us that there has been a mistake in the compiling of statistics as we have already seen it with CNB wrongly computing their drug abuse statistics for years and HSA making mistakes in their DNA testing.


6 Responses to “Traffic Cops: Pulling the rabbit out of the hat”

  1. sean May 23, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    Hi there, great post again. I believe they were asked to release data after the online anger got hotter and hotter. I don’t think they expected it. They should know that there is a lot of underlying concerns about foreigners but yet maybe they refuse to admit. And yes, our politics is very childish, there is no real debate on the options Singaporeans have.

  2. Tea-Party Member May 23, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    I guess the traffic police have requested that their statistics be taken out of the reports as they were against the whole scheme of reporting offences. I guess its unlikely that we get a leaked minutes which says that the figures were manipulated.

  3. sgcynic May 23, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    Another explanation for the 100,000 difference in figures for number of speeding violations detected and number of summons issued: these are the number of times speed demons like Ma Chi gotaway. Police unable to catch them. Kenna outrun.

  4. Patrick Zhou May 23, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    As a taxi driver for over a year, I have been fine 2 times of $130 and 4 demerit points for going at 10 to 19km/hr over the road limit.

    A friend of mine who is driving a Merc S class, was given a warning for the same condition as mine. I was very mad when he show me the letter from traffic police. This happened not once but 3 times in a year.

    WHY?? ———-Because lowly paid job worker are Marginalised. We are treated differently.

    I am very mad and was thinking to write to Traffic police but after thinking, I just dont waste time with these people who “Jiak Liao Bee”.

    SAD but true.

  5. anon May 24, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    reported in the news yesterday that senior police officers will get 5% pay rise. job well done.


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