Ref kena spit also call Police?

29 May

A referee was spat at by a player after he sent the player off for retaliation. The player even rush towards the referee and challenged the latter to a fight. Referee Ezra Aripin has filed a magistrate complaint and police will be following up. The referee said:

“I want to make sure that the culprit realised what he did and I want to send a strong message that we referees are not here to be abused like that. I am going all out to make sure that he will be dealt with by the authorities. I will make sure that he will be punished accordingly for his actions, and not just walk free after getting a ban by the FAS (Football Association of Singapore).”

From the circumstances, it seems that these acts of aggression are not uncommon in NFL games. It also seems that FAS discipline actions are not deterrent enough. I would suggest that the FAS publish the photos and full names of these errant players after they have been processed by the discipline committee. The footballing community should share and shame and tournament organisers should take FAS’ cue and ban these players for the similar time frame. I have thought of a fine on clubs but perhaps this could be too harsh on some on the not so wealthy clubs.

Hooliganism brings down the overall standard of the game. If it becomes serious, players might be even discourage to play. A stern approach is needed from the FAS and not police action to right this matter.


By Dilenjit Singh
The New Paper
Friday, May 25, 2012

One day after a National Football League (NFL) match was called off due to a referee allegedly turning up drunk, another game had to be abandoned after a player spat at an official and challenged him to a fight.

The New Paper reported yesterday that last Saturday’s NFL Division One match between Police SA and Eunos Crescent was called off due to referee T Aravinthan being reportedly too inebriated to perform his duties.

TNP now understands that a day later, last Sunday, the Division Three match between Dare to Dream FC and Newton Heath at Kallang Practice Track was abandoned in the 38th minute after a player spat at referee Ezra Aripin.

Former S-League and national age-group player Ezra explained that things started to boil over when a Newton Heath player was brought down by his opponent.

Incensed by the challenge, he retaliated by kicking out and slapping his opponent. Ezra responded by showing the Newton Heath man the red card.

Said the 37-year-old, who has been officiating since 2007: “I could see from his face that he was angry with the red card.

“Then he started verbally abusing me, calling me stupid in Malay and swearing at me.

“That didn’t bother me because I was a player before and I know how passions can boil over.

“And, as a ref, you’re always going to be abused whether you’re right or wrong. It’s part and parcel of the game. If I couldn’t take it, I wouldn’t be refereeing.

Crossed the line

“But what the player did next crossed the line. He was about a metre away from me and spat right in my face.

“I stayed calm and wiped it off. Had it been 10 years ago during my playing days, I think I would have reacted very differently.”

Match inspector A Sivalingam then proceeded to call the officials and staff from both teams over and informed them of his decision to abandon the match.

Read the rest of the article here.

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