Hard Truths of Sticker Lady

6 Jun

Before I start pissing people off, I would say concerned individuals have the right to campaign and garner public support for Sticker Lady. In fact, personally, it would be great if she is let off with a fine and/or community service, like teaching art to the less privileged kids. On the other hand, most of us can see why some online citizens and our men-in-blue see the necessity in enforcing the law. They do have a valid argument and similarly have their right to their views.

For me, the line that separates Sticker Lady and very imaginative loansharks runners is this thing call ART. And who should decide what constitute art? Where should creative artistic expression take place? Selected void decks? If you ask me, since we are at it, might as well erect a few walls in Speakers’ Corner for graffiti artists to express themselves. Place some planks on these series of walls and you get a free stage! That will save some money for event organisers.

Before we go keyboard thugging, let’s get the hard truths of Sticker Lady:

1.  Pasting stickers on lamp posts and the buttons of pedestrian crossings would not get you charged for vandalism. This is because removing stickers is unlike removing paint or charred items.

2. Sticker Lady did not only stick stickers, she spray painted roads and a building as well. She inked “My Grandfather Road” on roads in the CBD. She also sprayed painted “My Grandfather Building” on Realty Centre located at Enggor St off Anson Rd. It is unsure if the building indeed belongs to her grandfather. These were probably the straws that broke the camel’s back.

3. Sticker Lady would not be caned under Singapore laws because she is a lady.

4. Sticker Lady has not been sentenced. Public pressure, depending on how much of it, could swing the sentencing either way.

5. Singapore would not see an explosion of graffiti artists scrawling all over town if she is let off lightly. Similarly, Police does not go after every kid that scrawls on the back of seats in public buses. Hey, I would be nabbed for inking Yeats’ poems when I was a kid.

Sticker Lady at Realty Centre, Enggor St

I nearly spilled my coffee when I read a blogger write that Sticker Lady reminded her of Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei. Seriously? Like comparing kitten with tiger. Some, like chiou bu opposition, have also argued that Singapore is an uptight society and can do with some organic creative expressions and hell, our city also wouldn’t collapse mah. On the flip side, our city also did not collapse without creative expressions such graffiti mah. Just sayin only. And it didn’t immediately appear to me that Singapore is an uptight society if you just gallivant around town Friday/Saturday night…whatever it is, change would also need time, right.

If a police report was made by the building owners of Realty Centre, then police have to do their job. She is not the first to spray paint a building, there have been precedents. Now let the judiciary do its job. After they do their job maybe someone in the civil service can think of more spaces for artists to express themselves and see whether they can help Sticker Lady explore her talent in the arts or marketing field. Peace out dudes.

Btw, her name is Samantha Lo, and let’s hope it will be just a light touch.

7th June, update: It was reported in Sinmin newspaper last night that police swung into action when members of the public reported that public property around the Robinson Rd area were being vandalised. It did not mention whether the building owner made a report.

Also read here for a very interesting post on the Vandalism Act by Gintai. Pruss one.

Epic LOL!


11 Responses to “Hard Truths of Sticker Lady”

  1. stanley June 6, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    I think it is good that we tell government what we think is a fair punishment. Fairness is after all a notion that society must agree on. Good for Singapore that we can think for ourselves and maybe come to a consensus of fairness.

  2. defy June 6, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    fairness is that she be released with a warning. police should not charge her.

  3. KAM June 6, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    It is not “should” it is “Must”. She must be punished.
    But it should be a light one. Not because of the petitions but because it is quite harmless and in good fun.
    How can we buy some of her stickers?

  4. Bluex Spore June 6, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    She should at most pay fine to compensate for cost of removing the stickers and paint.

  5. Ann Hee Kyet June 6, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    Let me cane her for Singapore. Art is a silly excuse for defacing public property. The stickers are not art, just silly pranks.

    • unbrandedbreadnbutter June 7, 2012 at 9:17 am #

      Ael? U never read ah? Stickers is boh tai jee one…unless the content of your sticker is power one.

    • Anonymous June 8, 2012 at 9:51 am #

      Sticker is not an art ?? are you kidding me? everything can be or make as an art. It’s an expression towards what you feel. Do you want to go to Marina Bay Sands and pay 30 dollars to see a few paintings that’s just consist of a splash of paint and people call that art.

      If you are saying art is a silly excuse. why theres an advertisement of renting house or private tuition that paste on the lamp post didnt get caught or no one complaints about it?

      Samantha Lo offence is way more harsh then the Ferarri driver who beats the red light and crash into a few vehicles. PRC bus driver Chen Hongyan caused death of Singaporean student with her careless driving, jailed for one week. Where’s the humanity ?

      We are just living in a society that’s accept what the government gives whether you like it or not and if you are not we are just not gonna do anything about it to change it. I have to say this, I am proud of the Singaporeans who put their names in the online petition. With the Singaporeans who are angry with law of Singapore that is harsh towards Samantha Lo, I am not surprise one day in the future Singapore will have a revolution.

  6. chee keong June 7, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    Hi Ubb, it was reported in wanbao that it was actually members of the public that had lodged the police report. So police hv to take action.

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