Caution: Fake S$50 circulating

7 Jun

Just wanted to share with readers a report that said there are fake S$50 circulating. They bear the serial number 1BM226435 , so if you receive 50 bills in the course of your day please do ensure that it is not suspicious and does not bear the above serial number.

Of course, there might be a one in ten million chance that the serial number does belong to A genuine note. So before you start whacking the person, you might want to call the Police.

And the Police has the following advice:

– Do not return the fake bill to the person who gave it to you (Brudder, I think tis ish bruff money, how many chiu got?)

– Take note of the vehicle license plate of the person who gave you the fake bill (sure drive one meh?)

– Try to delay for time, if you can, call the police (Brudder, I think this note is bruff huan, u wait here, I call mata come.)

– Minimise contact with the fake bill, keep it in a envelope or plastic bag and hand it over the Police (they know people like me will try to pass it to the next guy!! Hahaha!!)

– Take note of the sex, race, age, height, build, clothing, accent and distinctive marks such as tattoos or earrings of the person giving you the fake bill (Brudder, can chiu turn around? I need to take a better look at u.)


2 Responses to “Caution: Fake S$50 circulating”

  1. pink hair June 25, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    Sure Brudder meh? Can be Sista also!

    • pink hair June 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

      But I had a good laugh reading this 🙂

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