Viva la PAP bashing

28 Jul

What’s new, the PAP govt is farcked up…like we didn’t know that a decade or more ago. Minister Khaw say don’t worry boh tai jee then did a u-turn and now claim that an internal audit has found irregularities with the Brompton bikes tender.

If not for the CSI done by HWZ forummers, we wouldn’t have known that there were irregularities in the purchase of Brompton bikes. And the slimy folks at MND are trying to pull a fast one by saying that they uncovered the irregularities. I would rather they give some respect and credit to the forummers !

Can’t they see that it is for the better that such possibly corrupt practices are detected and stopped. Citizen CSI should be lauded and encouraged and let’s not lose sight of that with PAP bashing. Anyone remember Pritam Singh who quoted a blogger and the idea of an Ombudsman?

No govt can be perfectly corrupt-free unless they only employ those with the surname Lee. Hah. So, every time there is a major case, many of us just kick into plain old boring irritating but still super funny PAP bashing…entertainment perhaps for us bored netizens? Getting angry in a group is more fun?


Funny how the PAP IB and PAP bashers are just so alike in obsessions…


One Response to “Viva la PAP bashing”

  1. Pei Ru July 31, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    I thought the Brompton case was an excellent opportunity to debate about whistle blowing laws but unfortunately it just became another PAP bashing incident. Yes good point on Pritam Singh, he also brought up an idea of an Ombudsman. Thank you.

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