Yawningbread or Yawningletter?

27 Sep

On 14 Feb 2012, Alex Au of Yawningbread.wordpress.com received a letter from law firm Allen & Gledhill for false and scurrilous comments targeted at Mr K Shanmugan and Foo Mee Har. Satisfied that a formal letter writing approach was adopted, Alex wrote, “I take Shanmugam’s word on this matter.  I have withdrawn that comment as requested.”

On 06 July 2012, amongst his pile of bills and magazines, Alex Au was most annoyed to see yet another unexpected letter. This letter was from the Attorney General’s Chambers – not as frightening as a letter from Allen & Gledhill but worryingly nonetheless. This time, Alex Au went one up from spreading false and scurrilous rumours to ‘scandalising the Courts of the Republic of Singapore’. An angry Alex Au decided to remove his posting and plaster the apology letter, written in a civil service style, onto his blog wholesale.

It is obvious that letter writing, retractions and civil service style paragraphing are sore points for Alex Au. What irks Alex Au more than anything else is that he feels the archbishop’s retraction letter was authored by a third party. In his own words “What was out of character was the abrupt withdrawal of the first letter to Function 8 through means of a letter sent by registered post and written in curt, civil-service style.”

Is this really about transparency? Alex Au just wants the Archbishop to come out and say “I have been arm-twisted by the government into retracting my letter”, or “I have realised my mistake and accept the retraction letter drafted by the government”.

No my friends, it is about power. With the power of a letter, Alex Au drops all allegations against K Shanmugan and Foo Mee Har. With the power of a letter, Alex Au believes he misrepresented facts concerning Woffles Wu.

So what is different this time? This time the central figure is a powerful clergyman who committed a terrible sin against God and apparently homosexuals; namely, Coitus Interruptus! By withdrawing his support for Function 8 just prior to climax, the Archbishop interrupted the civil society orgasm that promised to birth a child of double-barreled heritage. A child that will repeal the laws what prevent Alex from lying with man and beast.

In the eyes of Alex Au, there should be no grey area when it comes to political speak. Like a true blue bureaucrat, he prefers everything in black and white. How else can you explain his obsession with LETTERS? My advice to Alex is to leave the ‘bread’ to the unbrandedbreadnbutter, and change your URL to “YawningLETTER.com”.


**Disclaimer: The authorship of this blog post, and the view and intentions represented herein, are entirely my own. I reserved the right to retract this blog post at a later date should I received a letter in the morning.

One Response to “Yawningbread or Yawningletter?”

  1. yeohlc September 30, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Well said.

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