Gilbert Goh: Transitioning From Singaporean to Aussie?

10 Feb

Gilbert Goh is an interesting fella that not many people know about. He is the sort of character that is easily forgettable. One that operates as a champion of underdog causes. Someone that strangely appears on your facebook feed from time to time, and leaves you wondering, “where have I seen this name before”.

Sometime in Apr 2012, Gilbert Goh called for a nationwide boycott in May 2012 against companies that hire “more than 10 people and 80% of them must be foreigners – even though they are permanent residents”.  Back then, Yahoo Singapore Newsroom promoted Gilbert’s call to boycott which targeted chain establishments such as Breadtalk, Mcdonalds, Crystal Jade…etc. After protests from these businesses, Yahoo Singapore was quick to clarify that:

“We’ve reached out to the companies named here and also to the Ministry of Manpower, and we understand that these establishments are compliant with the 50% dependency ratio requirement that is in place, and this in turn will also be cut to 45% in due course. It is possible that the foreign workers Mr Gilbert Goh could have seen previously at these outlets were PRs, who are not counted as foreigners, which could explain his sentiment.

There was however no apology by Gilbert for his damning and unfounded insinuations. Rather, a defiant Gilbert clarified that “many critics have also slammed me for being xenophobic but if being patriotic make me looks like one then I have no choice here.”.

Patriotism is indeed a fine personal trait (but reckless patriotism blinded by one’s prejudices, is ‘xenophobia’, no questions about that).

Which is ironic, considering that Gilbert Goh himself spent a few years in Australia, Sydney, and from what I read online, a place where his wife and child currently reside (Oh no, the Australians have no issues with Asians and embrace their presence wholeheartly, not!).

“While living in Australia, there is this free spirit that inhibits most of us staying there and I thoroughly enjoy the cosmopolitan culture and care free attitude.” – Gilbert Goh

Convenient to enjoy the ‘cosmopolitan culture’ when you are part of the reason for that cultural mix. Back in Singapore, diversity to Gilbert is four-letter word and the result of a three-letter political party acronym.

But I hear from the grapevine that he spent CNY dinner alone. With the current state of his marriage (shhhhhh, sensitive topic), it is apt that he facilitates a Singapore Support Site for the Divorced (but I hardly think “steadymarriages” is an appropriate name for the group).

The most aptly named group that Gilbert Goh heads is of course This is the group that is organizing the Speakers’ Corner event “so Singaporeans just come out and unite together to save ourselves! Say NO to 6.9 million population!” (an event i am sure has created a little stir in the pants of the MIW).

Gilbert Goh is indeed transitioning (but not in the Pinkdot/377A way). Defender of the unemployed, the cyber-bullied and the divorcees of the Singapore. A politician, a philanthropist, and a patriot? He sure transitions alright. … Next stop, Australian PR?

5 Responses to “Gilbert Goh: Transitioning From Singaporean to Aussie?”

  1. patriot at 11:16 am #

    Me got to know Gilbert Goh in Cyberspace for about two years and later met up in person. Also got him to meet some other Bloggers. Had been to some activities organized by him.

    In some ways, me am touched by his infatiguable spirit to want to help others and his sense of righteousness, nor matter how subjective the Latter is.

    Gilbert is by far one that walks the talks most frequently and consistently.
    One aspect that me am most impressed with is that he hardly goes for limelight though he shows much initiatives. Regulars at the Speakers Corner must have known that many speakers in his(G Goh) events and programmes were and are much more welknown than himself.

    G Goh is a frugal guy as far as me knows and he does not appear to curry favour anyone. He speaks his mind spontaneously.

    Does know he spends much time in local social matters mostly connected with employment and familial issues.

    I see his participation in local politics in the Last General Election as his way of extending his reach further on the ground. He was one of the NSP Candidates for the Tampines GRC Constituency. Me was a volunteer with them during the campaigning.

    I appreciate the works Gilbert is doing irrespective of his own background, qualification and status etc. As a lay person, me am glad to see and know another who had concern and care for the wellbeings of fellowmen.

    May we give our support to G Goh and ourselves at Hong Lim Park Speakers Corner this coming Saturday 16 Feb at


  2. alban tan at 7:01 pm #

    Pr are still foreigners. Just a different name. So to me there is no difference

  3. Cross at 11:18 pm #

    I believe a lot of Singaporeans are so blinded by their disdain for foreigners and the PAP that they are ignoring Gilbert’s highly checkered past as well his often controversial statements bordering on racism and slandering of the Worker’s Party.

    Interestingly when I shared with a few acquaintances that attended his rally about some concerns I have with this character, none of them denied or disputed the fact that Gilbert seems like a shady sort of guy both personally and politically.

    Instead all re-emphasized the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The thinking among them seems to be since he is anti-PAP anti-foreigner, theyI will support him no matter what. This is of course short term thinking as nothing can be more dangerous to a cause than hyping up its leading advocate only to bring him down and drag him through mud later on.

    This will usually deal such a strong blow to the cause that it might take decades to recover, if ever. Dr Chee Soon Juan and the dismal state of the opposition cause from 1996 – 2011 is a case in point.

  4. Vethaya Judy at 10:29 pm #

    gilbert bro i would like to join in on 30th may


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