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The Messiah Saga: Some men just want to watch the world burn

14 Nov

The Second of September 2013 will not hold as much significance to the everyday anarchist, but this is the day, we here in Singapore, experienced a pre-mature second coming of “The Messiah”. Announcing his arrival with a bang by defacing the website of a pilfering pastor’s wife, “The Messiah” dished out old testament-esque justice; squashing a heresy born of china wine and boob jobs.

Many of us, even the most peace loving hippies, cheered a little inside. Afterall, Sun Ho and Kong Hee weren’t exactly close contenders for people of the year awards. But as “The Messiah” wandered the wilderness, temptation started to set in. Lucifer’s original sin of pride proved too powerful a force. “The Messiah” went on a hacking rampage across cyberdom, hacking a Spanish website to publish an FAQ list that nobody asked for, defacing the website of a childcare centre that nobody cares to go, and inserting a little shout-out in a town council portal that honestly, nobody knew existed.

Of course “The Messiah” preached his gospel at each location. Thou shall not make themselves false idols; Thou shall not harm babies under your care; and Thou shall not blame external factors . As these warning went unheeded, a succession of terrible judgments descended upon us.

Youtube warnings of impending doom and suffering. Swarms of ‘planned maintenance’ engulfed us into darkness. A surfaced gospel of IDA that points to The colours of our pharaohs crossed into “eating soft rice” people. Oh how the people rejoiced with each wave of web-driven anarchy.

As the veil of darkness has been lifted, “The Messiah” is proven to be false. James Raj Arokiasamy, a skinny and bald middle-aged man with outstanding drug-related offence charges, was arrested in Kuala Lumpur with the assistance of the Royal Malaysian Police. To stretch my much laboured Christendom metaphor one last time, now begins the typical cries of conspiracy and opacity at the Sanhedrin:

  • “James Raj is just a scapegoat.”
  • “James Raj is not mad”
  • “The Kangaroo courts will fix him and M Ravi”
  • “The ST is spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt”
  • “The arrests raises more questions than answers”

Jeez … give your brain a chance to catch up! Whether or not James Raj is as psychologically unstable as his lawyer, is besides the point. “Was it a hack or wasn’t it?”, is a legal and technical issue based on evidence and impacts the appropriateness of the charges. “Is there a larger conspiracy?”, is an opinion dependent on how much garbage (masquerading as ‘analysis’) you choose to consume. The likes of “Sir Nelspruit” and “A Singaporean in Australia” come to mind, but they deserve no further mention.

Back to James. As man, he is of little significance. He will get his time in court (and some alone time with Ravi), and any sentencing he receives will get its fair share of heckling. But as symbols, “The Messiah” and “Anonymous” are not going away anytime soon. Worshiped like Geek Gods with every magnanimous click, hacktivists will continue to be cheered in the spirit of anarchy and “dishing it up to the Man”.

Till of course their actions cause tangible damage to our lives, and we start to ask ourselves, are they not mad men who just want to watch the world burn?